Gin-ternet, meet #LDNtheatrebloggers

Last night, London theatre bloggers united for a wonderful evening of gin, mingling and theatre talk at Central and Co cocktail bar. Organised by the wonderful Rebecca Felgate and hosted by Official Theatre, the evening encouraged links and friendships to be made amongst the theatre community with the idea that, as a combined force, we can support, share and further expose one another’s work as a collaboration.



But it wasn’t all blog talk. With Aiden from Martin Miller’s Gin in attendance, we were treated to a gin reception, a tasting masterclass and the opportunity to, in teams, create our own ‘stagey’ cocktail. Gin puns aplenty, cocktails named ‘Ginterval’, ‘The Curious Gincident of the Dog in the Nighttime’ and ‘Let the Right One Gin’ were created in competition with one another for the prize of a whole magnum of Martin Miller’s gin. Whilst most teams opted for the sweet and fruity cocktail concoction, our team – ‘The Book of More-Gin’ – created a strong ‘gentlemans’ drink; a 100% alcoholic chocolate-orange beverage. Unfortunately for us, our judges couldn’t handle the kick! What can I say? We were robbed!




Cheese, breads and wine swiftly followed our cocktail fun, giving us a further chance to get to know one another whilst discussing all things theatre. Under Rebecca’s prompting, we discussed the problems that some of us have with directing followers and traffic towards our content. In a unanimous vote, the twitter hashtag #LDNtheatrebloggers was born; a way for bloggers to easily access one another’s content as well as RT, share and support the pieces we’ve enjoyed. Inspired and motivated, I left Central and Co with a fresh perspective on our blogging community and itching to read (and share!) everyone’s blogs.


A massive thankyou to Rebecca for inviting me along to the event and to Official Theatre for a gin-teresting (couldn’t resist..) evening and the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. Thanks to Central and Co for having us and Martin Miller’s Gin for the alcohol-fuelled fun also! 

Here’s to future meet-ups and making new friends! 


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