Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | Digital Press Night

On Wednesday evening I, amongst several other #LDNtheatrebloggers attended the ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ Digital Press Night at the Savoy Theatre. Hosted by the wonderful Richard Le Cocq, the evening gave bloggers and press the opportunity to not only review the show, but to learn a dirty, rotten dance routine on the Savoy stage with Associate Choreographer Darren Carnell AND the opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ the cast post-performance. Some might say we were spoiled ROTTEN.

Although I had good intentions, I found myself partnerless during the dance rehearsal and decided to turn my attention to capturing the other #LDNtheatrebloggers in action. Whilst some mastered rolling Robert Lindsay’s very own hat from their head to their toes, others were being thrown about by the strapping gents amongst us in an ‘Oklahoma?’ fashion (even the wonderful West End Wilma, who was a fantastic sport and managed to nab herself the dishiest dance partner available!). Witness Wilma and the other bloggers in action by watching my YouTube video below:

After a truly fantastic show, the meet and greet commenced. I managed to speak to Ian Knauer and congratulate him on a wonderful West End LIVE performance over the weekend (Ian filled in for Robert Lindsay as Lawrence on Saturday) and even have a chat and a photograph with Robert Lindsay himself!

Myself and Robert Lindsay

I also got to meet Lizzy Connolly who plays Jolene in the show. Jolene is my favourite character and I haven’t been able to get ‘Oklahoma?’ out of my head since watching Lizzy perform it on Wednesday. She only confirmed what I could already tell from watching her in the role; she is having the best time as Jolene and absolutely loves her part in the show!

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 22.07.54

My full review of the show can be found here .


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Photo Credit: Rebecca Felgate of Official Theatre


I Can’t Sing | Press Call


The London Palladium opened its doors to paps and press for an exclusive preview performance and cast interview for I Can’t Sing! at the end of last week. The brand new musical is still currently in its ‘preview show’ phase at present, with the official Press Night fast approaching on Wednesday 26th March. The production is written by TV legend Harry Hill and showcases 19 original songs (Steve Brown) performed by an impressive cast (including Nigel Harman, Cynthia Erivo and Simon Bailey).

I Can’t Sing! depicts and sensationalises the trials and tribulations of talent show contestants by following Chenice (Cynthia Erivo) and Max (Alan Morrissey) on their journey to stardom. The show reflects the well-known TV competition ‘The X Factor’, with a high-waisted Simon (Nigel Harman), a fun-loving Cheryl Cole persona (‘Jordy’, Victoria Elliott) and much-loved Irishman Louis (Ashley Knight), in addition to a comedic take on the nation’s favourite host in the form of Liam O’Deary (Simon Bailey). With the set brilliantly elaborate, music ridiculously catchy and script utterly hilarious, this production is sure to be a West End hit in summer 2014.

Below are some exclusive photos and videos taken on the day, including Nigel Harman’s musical number ‘Uncomplicated Love’ and a front-of-house talk with Simon Lipkin (Barlow), Alan Morrissey (Max) and the lovely Cynthia Erivo (Chenice). Stay tuned for a full review of I Can’t Sing! after the official press night.





Interview with Cynthia Erivo, Simon Lipkin and Alan Morrissey:


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Once (The Musical) | Secret Gig


London’s Phoenix Theatre opened it’s doors to invited guests this week, hosting a very special and ‘one-off’ mini-performance to introduce their newest cast members. The musical has gone from strength to strength since its opening in the West End back in March 2013, with the recent news of 6 Olivier award nominations to celebrate (including ‘Best New Musical’) and the welcoming of Doctor Who sensation – Arthur Darvill – into the cast as ‘Guy’ during their first ‘milestone’ cast change.

Based on John Carney’s Grammy-nominated film, ‘Once’ follows the whirlwind love story between an Irish songwriter (‘Guy’ – Arthur Darvill) and a Czech mother (‘Girl’ – Zrinka Cvitešić) whom meet one another at a time when their companionship is most needed. Breaking into a new sphere of musical theatre, the Irish folk-infused score is performed solely by the cast onstage – giving the production a gorgeously organic feel as it tackles the themes of love and friendship.


Following on from its first birthday, the show said farewell to many cast members including the much-loved ‘Guy’ – Declan Bennet – as he traded the guitar for a role in BBC soap ‘Eastenders’. Zrinka Cvitešić – recently Olivier-nominated for ‘Best Actress in a Musical’ – retains her role as ‘Girl’, but admitted in the post-gig Q&A that it has been “tough” to see the cast leave and to “let the guys go from [her] heart”. When asked how it felt to be sharing the stage with a new male lead, Darvill humorously added “I feel like the other man!”. He is no newbie to the role of Guy, having played him on Broadway for 8 months prior to his arrival at the Phoenix. He will be playing him in London until May 10th, 2014.

As can be seen in the exclusive performances of Falling Slowly, If You Want Me, Say It To Me Now and When Your Mind’s Made Up, this musical sets itself aside from the rest by mixing raw, emotive music with wonderfully talented actor-musicians in an alluringly simple story of boy meets girl. A truly beautiful production from start to finish and one not to be missed. Watch the FULL exclusive videos here: – Arthur performing ‘Say It To Me’ – Arthur performing ‘When Your Mind’s Made Up’ – Zrinka performing ‘If You Want Me’ – Arthur & Zrinka performing ‘Falling Slowly’


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